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You may refer to our product as a Cinch Clamp or Cinch Strap. My grandfather, Harry L. Kindorf, the inventor of the "Cinch Clamp" labeled our product as a Cinch Clamp as he saw the product performing more like a clamp then a strap. However, you can label it as a clamp or strap, we look forward to your order either way.

A unique device for quickly clamping conduit, pipe, tube, etc., to common types of support channel.

Each clamp consists of two "U" shaped pieces of zinc coated high tensile steel wire with outward turned hooks at the ends to engage the turned down lips of support channel.  A Time Saver - no bolts, nuts or screws.  Once piece is wide, the mating piece is narrow, both contoured to fit a given size conduit, pipe, etc.

The Original Cinch Clamp Corporation manufacturers and stocks a range of cinch clamps (1/2" thru 4") for "unistrut type" strut (7/8" slot) for electrical, utility and mechanical construction requirements.

If you wish to speak with a sales representative, call 1.877.367.0324 or email us at:

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